Wednesday, September 3, 2014

From The Blogger's Desk: Sorrows From The Past (Part 3)

Each time I look back and remember the pains I had pass through all because of love, I feel frustrated and angered... I promised myself never to give my heart to anything that had long tail in-between their legs. Everything I was about to do was strictly business. I had to survive, I had to make up for the lost years while trying to be the good girl.

 I joined the notorious girls on campus. Although it was difficult at first because I couldn't beat up to their standard of expensive designer clothes, shoes, bags, cars and so on.

My friends were shocked when I told them I was done being their friends and playing holy when deep down in me, I want to get loose.
I approached one of the pimp boys on campus named Debola to connect me to all those big politicians in the society. He was one of the top pimps on campus, hardly attends lectures but manages to get C grades in most of his courses.
He agreed to introduce me based on the fact that I was beautiful and still maintained my figure(lucky me). He also based his commission on 20% for every connections. I agreed to all his rules and percentage, I was trying to survive so I can do anything just to land on my feet first. He told me he was going to call me when anything comes up.
I waited for a week, two weeks but still haven't got any call from Debola, I was beginning to wonder if it was because I wasn't tushed up so I decided to do some local hustling to buy some bend down boutique. One by one I dialed the numbers of all my small Sugar daddies but none picked up my call.  I began to contemplate on my life and how I could end it if nothing good comes my way before the week ends.

Would I say God smiled back at me or was it just good  luck on my side?. Just as I was in deep thought, my phone ran and behold it was Debola asking me if I can get ready that night because a big party came up and one of the bigger girls on campus couldn't make it so her spot was vacant.
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He said the host is giving N100k to all the guest invited by him and apart from that, N50k for shopping(which was already given to the girl I took her spot). Without letting him finish I told him I was available for the party.
As quickly as I can I began to ransack my wardrobe for clothes but nothing was pleasant for the night.
I called one of my friend Chinelo  (also a party freak) if she could lend me her dress or any sexy outfit for the night. Luckily she agreed to dress me up. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to have my bath before going down to her hostel. I only had 30minutes left before they could come horning in front of my hostel.

The rate of the speed I used to finish up before they arrived could win me a medal in Olympic game. Just within 30 minutes I was ready with all the borrowed dress, shoes, wig, wrist watch, even perfume....Apart from myself and underwear, everything I wore was borrowed....Life of a hustler.

 Getting close to the car, Demola came out and hugged me, he introduced me to the other girls but you know how girls like to form Yankee, they all stylishly waved their hand at me without uttering a word, but I didn't care because all that matter was the N100k that will be given as "thank you for coming" gift at the end of the day.
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We got to the venue of the party, it looked quiet but a richly decorated house. Just the sweet aroma from the inside, would turn a lady's inner body on for the rest of the day. without trying to look lost I quickly hurried inside to make my quick catch.

One by one they all came to us, carrying their big potty belly as they introduce themselves to the girls at the party while they make their pick. All that came to my mind while we talked and drank was for the party to be over so I can have my 'thank you for coming' fee.

Finally the whole party came to an end the next morning and we were given our fees and luckily for me my client for the day was so into me that he wanted us to repeat the match again. We exchanged numbers and he gave me N50k to take along.
The life of sleeping with men old enough to be my father hurt me so much but just looking at my beginning i had no choice.
Life has just began, from a girl who could hardly feed to a lady who controls bills and command men of different caliber. From sleeping with old politicians to senators, I became popular as one of the bigger girls on campus. I avoided my old friends because as far as I was concerned, we were no longer riding on same level. I was able to rent an apartment for my mother, siblings and daughter. I never failed to send money home or pay for my siblings upkeep and school fees.

Everything went perfect from living in a well furnished house off campus to buying my own car. Hanging out with the biggest girls on and off campus. To sleeping in one of the most expensive hotel in town....
Yes life was so good until one day, something happened and my whole life was in moved into another circular dimension.....
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By Stella Obike


Anonymous said...

I just hope this story ends good but what campus life can be misleading in some ways. I remember one of my roommate in year one her parents are pastos and she is born throw away. Everyday party party, I never for oneday saw her read her books until the day one of her friends snitched on her. The day her parents came to school they bundled her home and that was the last time I saw her on campus.

Anonymous said...

Is this story on weekly bases?~Jady