Wednesday, September 10, 2014

From The Blogger's Desk: Sorrows From The Past (Part 4)

I woke up one early morning and I felt  sharp pains on my right stomach, At  first I thought it was my period but when I checked the calender it wasn't time for my monthly visitor. I tired to ignore the pains but the more I do the more I feel pains.

 As if the pain was not enough I started sweating all over me, despite my room's air-condition was o and working perfectly.Immediately I knew something was wrong with me. But what could it be?.

 I quickly picked up my phone and dialed one of my Bff's number Bimpe. I asked her to drive as fast as she can to take me to the hospital since I can´t drive in my condition. Bimpe's house like an hour drive to my house but while I was in pains, it seems like it took her forever to come pick me up.

Before my friend arrived to my house I managed to take a shower. I tried calling her again to know where she was and more I talk the more my health gets worst. Then my head began to spin and before I would realize everywhere turned black out.

 The next time I opened my eyes I found myself on a hospital bed, I tried asking questions but then the pains came back on me. I tried looking around from the corner of my eyes to know exactly who was there with me. To my surprise I saw my mother sitting beside me at my bedside. As soon as she heard my voice she called the doctors to come check on me. I tired to get up but I felt a heavy stone on my leg. I began to ask myself what was happening to me. As the doctor came in, he began checking my temperature and and pulse. Then he went down to my leg and pressed it so hard.
He asked me if I was feeling pains. I managed to utter a "No" answer. Then he shook his head and called my mother aside. I could hear him fro the corner of the room telling my mother that my sickness was spiritual and not physical since all the test conducted on me came out negative. My heart sunk on hearing spiritual because physical battle for me is far better tackling than spiritual battle. He advised my mother to either take me home or a church.

I asked my mother to take me home so I would die peacefully...Days turned into weeks then months my illness was getting worst. I stopped going to school and we spent almost everything I saved during my hustling days on medical bills.  My so called Bffs abandoned me after they visited me twice and saw my condition. I was left with nobody except my family. Even my father never asked of us after he got married to another woman.

While I was on my sick bed waiting to sleep and never wake up I was visited by a stranger who said he had a dream about me and that God told him to tel me that I was the reason behind my illness. I began to ponder on what he meant by I was the reason behind my sickness. He later said the dream wasn't that clear but it means I might have stepped on toes that wanted me dead and the only solution was to look for them and beg them but first I must seek the face of God.

My heart began to journey around on who I must have offended but none came to my mind. I was beginning to think maybe it was my group of friends in the hustling field that wanted to deal with me because I had better client than them.
Just like the man said I need to seek the face of God, I realized that I had nothing to lose if I seek His face..I was going to die after all. As each day passes I began to embrace the word of God. I wanted my life back at least for the sake of my daughter.

I began to pray and pray until one day something happened, a strange woman came visiting me. My younger sister came to my bed to tell me I had a visitor.  I wasn't expecting anyone since all my friends abandoned me but I asked her to allow whoever it was to come inside my room  since I could not walk any longer.

As the woman walked in, the face doesn't look familiar. I managed to utter some greetings from my mouth. She dressed expensive,  I knew she was from a rich  home but why will such a woman come visit a nobody like me?. I thought maybe she was a sympathizer who felt pity for me but as she stood there looking at me in disgust, I knew this was never going to be a friendly visit.  Then she opened her mouth and guess what she told me?.......

Story is about to change because my sorrows from the past opened my inner eyes to this present....
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By Stella Obike


Anonymous said...

Is this story real or fiction or from Nollywood script. I enjoyed it~Jady

Eddy Duke said...

Living a reckless life while young can be so harmful if don't cautioned. maybe it was attack from someone she took her man or husband from. Big lesson to learn.

Anonymous said...

Is this the end?.