Monday, September 22, 2014

OMG!..Meet A Woman Who Spent £12,000 To Get A Third Breast

What is this world turning into these days???...Jasmine Tridevil, 21,said she saved up money for 2 years to make up £12,000 spent on surgery to get a third boob.
 Speaking on a local radio station, she said more than 50 doctors turned her down before one finally agreed to give her the third breast.
The third breast was made from a silicone implant and skin tissue from her abdomen. Jasmine, from Tampa Bay, Florida, says the fake boob feels the same as her other two but the nipple had to be tattooed on.

She says her intention is to become a celebrity with her own TV show and she dream to come on MTV show someday.
Jasmine said her parents were horrified by her decision and they are not on speaking terms after she had the surgery.More photos below...


Oge chukwura said...

This is total madness oooooo oyibo people sef

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