Friday, October 17, 2014

Blac Chyna Put Up Photo Of Her In Bed With A Mystery Man After Rumor Of Her Ex-bf Dating Kylie Jenner

Do I sense some jealous traits here or are they back?. Hahaha, Blac Chyna happens to be Kim Kardashian's BBf and now rumors have been flying around that Kim's 17 years old step sister Kylie Jenner is dating Blac's ex boyfriend Tyga.
Yesterday Blac put up a photo on her IG page of her relaxing in bed with a man after maybe a hot round of pleasure(she has taken down the photo). Although she didn't reveal the face of the man but her IG followers were fast enough to dictate the tattoo on the neck of the mystery man to be Tyga. Lol

Chyna and Tyga in the good old days...See the same tattoo on his neck?


Anonymous said...

I hate when women allow men to treat them like they are ugly and obtain a quality mate that will treat them like queens.


Anonymous said...

Lol, she is trying to prove a point to Kylie~Jady

Eddy Duke said...

@Anony 7.50, so you want to Stay single forever?