Friday, October 17, 2014

Woman Hires Hitman To Assassinate Her Lazy Brother Unknown To Her They Were Undercover Police

Things dey happen both home and abroad... Larisa Kazakova is now facing eight-and-a-half years in prison for attempted murder after she hired a hitman to assassinate her brother who refused to work but choose to live under her care. Unknown to Larisa that she has hired undercover police, who played along with her, only to arrest her while she was paying equivalent £1,500 for the job carried out.

The 32 years old and mother of three children said she moved to the central Russian city of Surgut two years ago with her brother and family in the hope of finding work and sending money back to their families in Kyrgyzstan. But she complained that despite her working in several places as a cleaner, her brother had not got a job and was just living off her hard work.
 She decided the only way to put an end to her extra expenses was to get rid of her lazy brother who she had  persuaded several times to get a job but all fell on deaf ears. She could not report to the police because they lived there illegally.

Larisa entering the car to pay for job done, unknown to her that the man was undercover police

When police heard about her bid to find a hitman after she started looking online, they arranged for an undercover officer to promise to carry out the hit. She was caught after police showed her pictures of her brother after he had apparently been shot. But a hidden camera in the car where the money was supposed to be handed over shows the woman scrolling through them and nodding her head in approval - apparently not shocked at the bloody photographs. Officers had staged the pictures with the brother's consent, and she was arrested when she handed the money over.

Police showed her the fake photo of her brother assassinated

Source: UK Dailymail


Eddy Duke said...

Serves her right and for her brother, now his sister is in jail I hope he finds a job and stop depending.

Anonymous said...

Lazy brother now that his sister has gone to jail, hope he finds a job and take care of his sister's children~Jady

Oge chukwura said...

Must she kill him because he is jobless