Friday, October 17, 2014

I Got N27.5m Loan To Pick APC Forms – Muhammadu Buhari

I try as much as possible not to talk about Nigeria politics because of its dirty side but then there are news I read it becomes irresistible to talk about... N27.5M for just a presidential form?. Chai!, politics is a BIG dirty game. Formal Military Head of State and Presidential aspirant of APC Gen Muhammadu Buhari declared his intention to run for Presidential candidate by purchasing the APC form for the sum total of N27.5M with a bank loan.

 The 72-year old general, disclosed his intention yesterday at the APC general headquarter in Abuja. He explained that the presidential expression of interest form was N2.5m while the presidential nomination form was N25.5m, making a total of N27.5m.
“You could recall in the entire contest, I have always tried to personally pay for the nomination form at least. But N27.5m is not small. “Thank God, I have a personal relationship with the chairman of my bank. I called him and told him that the forms are coming and so, whether my accounts are in red or green or black, you must honour this, otherwise, I will lose the nomination.
 “I was about to go to Kaduna today and told the chairman and he said, ‘you better pick the form’ and he kept a straight face. That means that there is no excuse.
“I thank God that we have gotten to this stage and all speculations will now cease and now, in the best tradition of democracy, people can now follow their choice candidate into the arena,” Buhari said.

Are we for real???

News Source: National Mirror


Eddy Duke said...

That is Nigeria for you, everyone is going into politics just because of the watery money.

Oge chukwura said...

N27.5M just for a form