Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nigeria Footballer Celestine Babayaro On Top 2 Footballers That Have Gone Broke

Richestlifestyle.com, has published their top 7 footballers that went bankrupt despite earning millions during their career days. Nigerian footballer Celestine Babayaro was ranked on number 2 list. According to the website, the average wage of a football player in the English Premier League is 30,000 pounds. In spite of football being a lucrative sport, some footballers who earned very well during their playing days, have gone broke.

1) Lee Hendrie Lee 
Hendrie was one of the most promising young English players of the late 1990s. He declared bankruptcy on 27 January 2012, due to his bad investments (losing £10m in property deals) and lavish lifestyle. He was reportedly earning around £40,000 a week while playing for Aston Villa. Divorce also contributed to his financial trouble. Hendrie reportedly tried to commit suicide twice.

2) Celestine Babayaro
 In spite of earning £25,000 per week during the peak of his career, this former Chelsea and Newcastle player was declared bankrupt at a court in Croydon in 2010; with confirmation in 2011. His financial troubles became apparent to his neighbors, with one saying that his beautifully kept house began to look a bit unkempt. Despite all the reports, the former Nigeria international insisted he is not broke.

3) Diego Maradona 
 Footabll legend, Diego Maradona earned plenty of money during his playing days. So much so, that in 2009 the Italian authorities declared that he owed €37 million in unpaid taxes, penalties, charges and interest. He paid just €42,000, 2 luxury watches and a set of earrings. In 2010 he lost his job as Argentine national coach due to the team’s poor world cup perfomance. From 2011 to 2012 he managed AL- Wasl FC, a Dubai based club which he made a reported amount of $2.7 million.

4) Brad Friedel 
This 43-year-old shiny-headed goalkeeper declared bankruptcy in January 2011 when a football academy he started in his hometown Ohio, ran up debts. The not-for-profit venture was set up to help youngsters in the US to adapt better to European football. He did not make any money on it whatsoever. Fortunately he still has some years left in him to earn some cash back.

5) John Arne Riise 
 This former Liverpool player was earning £30,000 per week in 2007. In the same year he was declared bankrupt over debts of £100,000. This was due to poor business decisions. He sued his former agent Einer Baardsen over the way he had invested his money. He currently plays for Nicosia club APOEL in the Cypriot First Division.

6) David James
This 44-year-old English goalkeeper, who earned an estimated £20 million in his 25-year career, declared himself bankrupt in May 2014. He built up debts following a costly divorce from his wife Tanya in 2005. He has played for Premier League clubs like Manchester City and Liverpool. He secured lucrative contracts during his career, including working as a model for Armani and H&M.

7) Paul Gascoigne 
 This 47-year-old former English footballer is wracked by booze and pills. This bloated legend admits that he cannot live without a pint. He is hooked on a mix of valium and strong lager. He is broke and has appeared drunk in front of his fans on many occasions. Last year he had burst into tears in front of 500 people at a charity event and was led off stage shaking and trembling. He avoided being declared bankrupt in 2011 by High Court in London, although he was still in debt for £32,000.

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