Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Audio: Why is it so hard to find the truth about Boko Haram 's latest massacre? -BBC Africa

Just as many Nigerians are asking same questions until yesterday when the Defence HQ Nigeria revealed an estimate number of 150 people  killed in the recent bloodshed in Baga. BBC Africa in a recorded audio via Sound cloud, voiced their confusion over the killings.
According to them efforts to reach the Defence spokesman proved abortive as his number is switched off and when he was finally reached all asked questions about the attack, this is what he said;
 "Of course there was an attack," he shoots back.

"But don't worry we are at work."

 Can we retake Baga? Mr Badeh is asked.

 "Why not?" is the short reply....Seconds later he ducks into his car and is driven off.
BBC reporters had to get some sketchy information from survived witnesses who were also fleeing for their lives... Listen to the recording below....


Eddy Duke said...

How are we sure the number of people killed are 150, this country is so confused as their leaders

Oge chukwura said...

I weep for my country Nigeria

Bukola Rita said...

It is so sad.... Our lives are meaningless to our leaders... Dey said only 150 died wen d dead bodies that could be seen says more than that.. I just dnt no ow people could be so heartless

Anonymous said...

Why us Lord?~Jady