Sunday, January 25, 2015

Read And Be Encouraged!

I have been thinking of a suggestive means to make up Sunday teachings and make it interesting. I love to include God's teaching or inspirational words on my blog every Sunday. Although I have very tight schedule these days but nothing can be too tight for me in creating a space to talk about God's love to people. Please throw in any suggestions you have even any even if it's testimony you want to share. It baffles me that even at this time of exposures some people I have come across still don't believe in God's existence. When I try to talk them out from their belief, they give me instance that leaves me lack words but then the only best way I can keep preaching to them indirectly is to keep showing them agape love. Read these Christian inspirational quotes below and be encourage.


Oge chukwura said...

Wow thanks kamify

Anonymous said...

Great words~Jady