Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Photos:Awkward Moment When Oscar Pistorius Had To Squeeze Past His Ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor

Hmmm, this thing called love could be really dangerous when it goes sour... I'm sure if Oscar was given a tiny moment to exhibit his hatred on her, he will prefer to spit at her... Miss Samantha Taylor was Oscar once lovable lover. According to her, they were still dating when Oscar cheated on her with his late girlfriend Reeva. During Oscar's trail she testified against him in court.

She claimed he made her sit on a naughty step as he shouted at her and once drove his Porsche at 200mph as a 'punishment' for an argument. On the night Reeva was shot, her friends who thought she was the victim flooded her phones with RIP messages. Wearing a short sleeved black dress, Miss Taylor walked passed the man who once loved but turned sour while Oscar looked pass her as he made his way to his dock to hear his fate.

Meanwhile this is what is currently going on about his sentence;
 Prison official Joel Maringa said Pistorius, 27, should be sentenced to three years of house arrest,and perform eight-hour shifts of communit service per month(work at a school for disabled children). which would mean he would not be allowed to leave home without permission.

Probation officer Annette Vergeer gave reasons why South African prisons would not be able to cater for Pistorius' disability. She says they have no rails, ramps etc he would not even be able to shower.

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel, who wanted Oscar to be jailed for a long time described social worker Joel Maringa's recommendations as "shockingly inappropriate" yesterday. He said the suggestion of house arrest and community service would amount to "no sentence".

Vergeer also reveals that Pistorius has been paying compensation to the Steenkamp family on a monthly basis.Which was later confirmed Reeva's family rejected because they do not want "blood money."

Court session will be back tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

These people should stop these their long drama and jail this man.

Nkechi Oluka