Monday, March 10, 2014

Getting to know 'Auntie' LaToya: Michael Jackson's 'love child' Brandon Howard enjoys a night out with the singer's sister

It is family bonding time for acclaimed son of Michael Jackson, Brandon Howard with big auntie LaToya.
 Although many doubt the  authenticity of the DNA result  but it seems that Michael's sister LaToya has yet to make up her mind as to what she believes, as she was seen dining out with her brother's 'love child' on Saturday night.

 LaToya, 57, looked in good spirits as she joined her potential nephew Brandon, now 31, at Boa Steakhouse. Regardless of whether or not LaToya is choosing to accept the claims that she is biologically related to Brandon, the singer, known as B Howard, has long been friends of the Jackson family.
Augie with his ex-love Miki Howard and their two sons, Brandon(L) and Nicholas(R). He insist Brandon is his son
Augie was one of the backing singers on Michael Jackon's 1979 breakthrough album, Off The Wall, and went on form the band, Side Effect. Augie, who was in a long-term relationship with Brandon's mom, singer Miki Howard, told MailOnline:
 'I know Brandon's my son - I was there in the delivery room, I have the pictures of him being born. I got the records, I got everything. 'Before me, Miki wasn't with anyone else - she didn't even know Michael at that time. But you know what  I love my son and he can do whatever he likes. I'm not tripping on this I want Brandon to have a successful career.
 Regardless of the truth of the DNA results, Brandon wouldn't be able to get his hands on any of Michael's estate anyway, as the singer's will explicitly states that no-one other than his three children Paris, Prince and Blanket will have access to his money.

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