Thursday, August 28, 2014

Funny But True!....10 Sexual Positions Women Don't Like(Adults Only)

Some women say size of a man's banana matters a lot in sex while some say it doesn't matter as long as they know how to make them reach their G-spot even if it means adding their index finger.  Women are always ready to accept and enjoy men's favorite sex positions but women seldom ask for their favorite position(s).

The time has come for men to understand what women really want in bed. Remember, great sex happens only when there is a smooth balance between pleasure and comfort. Here are the 10 sexual position(s) women don't like.....

 #1. Flying Circus 
This should be kept to circus shows and out of the bedroom

#2. The Erotic Accordian
This position is just all kinds of crazy, requiring great coordination and strength, and woman is fully exposed.

#3. The Wheel Barrow 
The wheel barrow is another strenuous position for the woman and also lacks intimacy.

 #4. The Bridge 
The bridge is awkward and women fear their bodies don't look as appealing as they would like in this position.

 #5. Downward Dog 
Downward dog is too strenuous for many women, taking the joy out of the sex.

 #6. Table Lotus 
This position can be painful for some women and for others there is the control factor.

 #7. Standing
Standing requires a guy to have great arm strength and it can make a woman feel out of control.

#8. 69  Position
 Woman are not a fan of the 69, many claiming it's uncomfortable and always best positioned for the male.

#9. Reverse Cowgirl 
 The Reverse Cowgirl exposes a woman's backside to her guy, and some women feel insecure about not knowing what he is seeing.

 #10. Doggy Style
I won't say most women don't like doggy style because some do and some don't. For most women who don't like it says it's because there is no face to face connection and it lacks intimacy


Anonymous said...

I love doggy style

Unknown said...

Are you serious with number 1?. Is that suppose to be sexual postion or praticing for acrobatic dance?.

Anonymous said...

Kamify don come again, some of these names I'm just hearing them for the first time which one is erotic accordian?,reverse cowgirl?. You go fear sex.

Nkechi Oluka