Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MTO Again!...Says Beyonce And Jay Z Spotted After VMA Awards Arguing Backstage

So after Beyonce's beautiful performance and the stage perfect family union at the VMA Award night,  Mediatakeout still claims that all isn't still well with the Carter's family.
According to their report, Jay Z and Beyonce may have looked like the PICTURE PERFECT FAMILY in front of the cameras at the VMAs - but we spoke to a person that WORKS AT THE VMAs who told us that he two were 'arguing' back stage . . . and the tension between the couple was HEAVY!!

MediaTakeOut.com got the EXCLUSIVE DETAILS from one of our longtime snitches - who worked the VMAs - and is EXTREMELY RELIABLE.
The insider who WORKED WITH THE SHOW explained, "Beyonce had her whole area backstage. It was like 5 dressing rooms in one corner so there were no cameras and no one in there other than her people, and us [The MTV personnel]." And we're told that it was Beyonce's sister SOLANGE that caused the mess.

 According to our snitch Solange was 'BANNED' from entering the area, and Beyonce didn't know about it. It's not clear whether Solange's 'bannin' was a request made by Jay Z, or by MTV.

But the insider explained, "Beyonce was arguing with security asking about Solange. I always thought that Beyonce was very soft spoken, she's not. She was all in the [security guard's] face."

Jay z, we're told, then came by and tried to calm down Beyonce, The insider explained, "Jay tried to calm her down but she started yelling at him too.

She wasn't really yelling, but she was talking mad. Her neck was twisting too, like she was giving him hell." The insider ended, "Beyonce then walked away, and everyone was quiet. It was very awkward to see Bey act like that towards her husband."

Chai, mediatakeout leave this family alone na....every couples argue and make up, their own will not be different. There is God o!. Lol

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Eddy Duke said...

They should let this family be. Can't they see they are one happy family?