Sunday, September 21, 2014

Photo: Mother Gives Birth To Baby With Two Fully-formed Teeth

Chloe Pullen gave birth to her daughter through Caesarean at the University Hospital of Wales and she got the shock of her life after the nurses and husband told her that her daughter had two teeth.

 Most babies start teething at around six months, but Rose astounded nurses and midwives at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff with her pearly white incisors. Despite the two teeth, Mrs Pullen said she worried at first but then breast feeding was not hurtful.

Rose’s teeth, which were in the middle of her lower gum, were removed three days after she was born but she is still expected to grow a full set of baby teeth. Rose’s parents have decided to keep her first teeth in a jar. Photo below..

The new mum told Wales Online;
“I had a caesarean so I was under general anaesthetic but when I came round my husband told me our daughter had teeth.”
“The midwives had never seen anything like it before," “Everybody came to the ward to see her – you could tell it was rare.” 

 Doctors say that about one in every 3,000 babies are born with teeth.

 “I was in shock because they did look bizarre,” said Chloe, who lives in Pantmawr with her husband Daniel, a fireman, and their two-year-old son Thomas.
“Daniel was really surprised too,” she added. “He sent a picture to our friends and family to say that she had arrived and they could not believe it.” 

Chloe said the incisors looked like normal teeth, only smaller, and observed that her daughter’s gum had risen at the front of her mouth.

“I was worried about breastfeeding her but it didn’t hurt,” she added. “I could not actually feel her teeth.” Baby Rose is not the first in the family to be born with teeth – her maternal grandmother was born with one front tooth.“She had to go on to bottled milk until they came out but I was able to breastfeed again after that,” said Chloe. “Apparently it can be hereditary,” said Chloe, who works in fire control.

“My mum didn’t realise she had been born with teeth until her sister told her after Rose was born.”


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