Friday, October 10, 2014

Not A Joking Matter... American Passenger Bundled Off U.S. To Dominican Flight After He Sneezed That He Has Ebola

What is wrong with some people?, so Ebola has now become something to joke with??....An American citizen was taken off plane and detained for hours at the airport medical center in Punta Cana after he started sneezing and coughing in the airplane then suddenly sneezed and yelled 'I have Ebola!', knowing full well he is Ebola free. 

The flight crew contacted the airport medical team who quickly responded and sent 4 officers fully dressed in their protective gear to take the passenger off the flight. The American passenger, who does not have Ebola, was detained by four officers and taken to the airport's medical center in Punta Cana. His passport showed no sign of visit to any African country. The remaining passengers were forced to remain  on board for two hours until he was cleared. What a stupid joke!. See photos and video below...

Flight crew calling the medical teams

Officers removing his luggages

The man who joked about having Ebola

Officers dressed in protective gear escorting the man out from the flight

The man asked to leave the flight



Anonymous said...

Stupid man, maybe he wants to get the ebola.

Nkechi Oluka

Anonymous said...

This man is a big fool and a black man for that matter. Too much burger~Jady

Oge chukwura said...

Useless man

Eddy Duke said...

Lol, Ebola has now turn to what people use as prank.