Thursday, October 16, 2014

Notorious Prison Gang Leader Threatens To 'take out' Oscar Pistorius If He Is Jailed

I don't know if it is one of their strategies of avoiding jail.... New reports from Oscar Pistorius jail sentence, while questioning his safety if sent to jail, his defencive lawyer Barry Roux, read out from a newspaper report that a 'leader' of a notorious prison gang (subjee)who has been in jail for 33 years and also the leader of a feared 26s prison gang has sent threatening messages should Oscar be jailed..

The tattooed hands of a gang member of the 26s

He read; 
"Anyone who thinks they can come here and live like a king, will have a hit on their head. If he thinks he is going to come here and buy his way to get computers and cellphones and a lavish lifestyle, he must know that will never happen for as long as I am around."

Subjee reportedly said he stabbed Derby-Lewis because he had called late president Nelson Mandela 'a monkey.'

Meanwhile  Reeva Steenkamp's cousin Kim Martain who took the stand for the second time since the trial said Oscar Pistorius must pay for what he has done and should be sent to prison. While at her first stand in the witness box she told the court;
  "We've even made a point of not mentioning his name in our house." "I really believe Oscar Pistorius should pay for what he has done."My family are not seeking revenge we just feel to take someone's life in such as way needs sufficient punishment."
 Oscar sentencing continues.....

 Photos & News Source: UK Mirror


Anonymous said...

Story for the gods~Jady

Oge chukwura said...

Na story to escape jail

Eddy Duke said...

Is he planning on living a kingship life in jail?, if No then throw him inside the cell.