Thursday, October 16, 2014

The News About Saudi King Gift Of Golden Toilet To His Daughter On Her Wedding Day Is Fake

Earlier today I published a post and pictures from India Today of the king Abdullah of Saudi Arabian who gifted his daughter toilet made of pure gold on her wedding day... A reader just sent me the real information and link about the wedding, saying the information and photos of the gold toilet is fake.
He said the pictures of the golden toilet are from the 11th World Toilet Summit in the city of Haikou in the Chinese province of Hainan.
A fake story that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia gave his daughter as a wedding gift a toilet made completely of gold worth $300,000,000 is being spread by some well known Indian news pages like India Today and Times of India (Outrageous and Unbelievable since they are considered very good by common sheeple especially Indian fools (I am not common.))
Proof ->The pictures of the wedding are from a photoblog from Morocco. See below....

 Photo Credit: The View from Fez

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Anonymous said...

I thought the original story sounded weird. Why would a father worry about his daughter's golden showers?