Monday, December 1, 2014

Can't Forget The Day A Female Fan Showed Up At My Door Stark Naked -Yemi Blaq

Nollywood actor,producer, script writer, Yemi Blaq who moved from featuring in Yoruba movies to English is now current face seen in Nollywood screen. During an interactive section with TheSun, the actor talked about his wife, movies and then how he handles mostly female fans since he became popular. When asked about any unforgettable experience with female fans, he said:

" I was chilling in Abuja a while ago when this lady showed up at my door completely naked; I mean stark naked taking me completely off guard! I wasn’t at the door so I got someone to open the door. And then the guy was like huh! We were shocked out of our wits because our lady visitor was in her birthday suit; she was totally naked!"


Oge chukwura said...

Lol some ladies can't respect their selves

Eddy Duke said...

Was she naked to enter transport from her place to yours?, some ladies can be so annoying.

Anonymous said...

Some girls sha~Jady