Friday, February 27, 2015

Face Of The World Most Wanted Killer Jihadi John Revealed!

Here is the first photo of quietly spoken Mohammed Emwazi who turned to evil Jihadi John, pictured during his young school days at the St Mary Magdalene Church of England primary school in west London. Jihadi John, is now the world most wanted terrorist, who has been behind the disgusting beheading videos posted online. Mohammed Emwazi, was born in Kuwaiti and arrived London at the age of 6. He was the only Muslim student at St Mary Magdalene Church of England primary school in Maida Vale, West London and spoke little English at that time.

At that period Mohammed loved football than Islam. At the age of 10, Emwazi lists his favourite computer game as shooting game "Duke Nukem: Time To Kill" and his favourite book as "How To Kill A Monster" from the popular children's Goosebumps series.
After finishing primary school in 1999, young Mohammed moved to Quintin Kynaston Community Academy, in St John’s Wood, where he is believed to have studied alongside former X Factor judge and pop star Tulisa Contostavlos.

 Once there, he became more observant of his religion and began wearing more traditional Islamic dress, and his sisters began to wear the hijab. One of his younger sister, now 19, was a prefect at the school and completed a detailed ‘murder mystery’ film project about a female serial killer.

His behaviour started changing after he gained admission to study computer at the University of Westminster. He began attending different mosques and was known to associate with Bilal el-Berjawi, who was killed by a drone strike in Somalia three years ago.

 He graduated In August 2009, then flew to Tanzania in East Africa with friends and told authorities they were going on a wildlife safari. But they denied them entry and were flown back to Netherlands, where Emwazi later claimed he was questioned by an MI5 agent called Nick.

The British officer accused him of planning to travel to Somalia to join the militant group Al Shabaab,which denied all accusations. On getting back to Britain, Emwazi said his family told him they had been ‘visited’, and he claimed a woman he had been planning to marry broke off their engagement because her family had also been contacted and were scared.

According to Emwazi, his family then began planning for him to travel to Kuwait to get him away from the ‘harassment’ he had suffered in Britain and he went to work for a computer programming company in the emirate. In his account to Cage, he said security officers continued to visit his family and he decided to make a ‘new life’ in Kuwait, where he was once again planning to marry.

But following a visit back to Britain in 2010 he said he was stopped at Heathrow Airport and barred from flying back to Kuwait, and claimed that he was interrogated by an aggressive officer who threw him against a wall, grabbed his beard and strangled him. Emwazi made an official complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, saying he had been assaulted by the officer. But court documents show he was also arrested himself later that year and charged with possessing five stolen bicycles, although he was later acquitted at court.

 Incensed by the decision to stop him returning to Kuwait, Emwazi told Cage he felt ‘like a prisoner’ in London. He said he was ‘a person imprisoned and controlled by security service men, stopping me from living my new life in my birthplace and country, Kuwait.’ Friends told the Washington Post he was already talking wildly about travelling to Syria, where the uprising against Bashar al Assad was beginning in earnest.

But he also applied for work in Saudi Arabia, taking a course to teach English and applying for work at language centres in the kingdom. Rejected by those, his father suggested he change his name in a bid to avoid any block from British authorities, and Cage said he changed his name by deed poll in 2013 to become Mohammed al-Ayan.
 He made one more attempt to fly back to Kuwait that year but was barred from leaving Britain again and disappeared from his parents’ home a week later. His parents reported him missing after three days but claimed it was four months before police arrived at their home and said they had information he was in Syria. His father, 51, told police they were wrong and that his son was in Turkey helping refugees from Syria, and the family are said to continue to deny that he is the masked IS executioner.

Meanwhile, two British trainee medics who met Jihadi John in Syria said he had a fearless ‘nothing to lose’ attitude and was always ready for war.
Speaking anonymously to ITV, they said the killer was unmarried and was probably picked for the executioner poster boy role because of the way he handled difficult situations. One of them said: ‘He seems like someone with not a lot to lose.
 There has been incidents where he has run into checkpoints and he dealt with people in a careless, gung-ho manner with disregard for his own safety. ‘He was chosen most likely for his fearless mentality and he’s got nothing to lose.
 He obviously didn’t want to go back to the UK and he believed passionately in this cause and he believed that killing these people was the right thing to do. ‘I remember he was quiet - not reserved quiet, he had a lot of friends and was social.
In Syria he seemed to be a very busy man, he was always ready for war in safe areas.’ They also said Emwazi seemed wealthy, adding: ‘All of his kit was expensive. Even the guns he had were extremely expensive and rare to find in that part of the world.’

 Asked if he disliked Britain, they said: ‘When I mentioned the UK to him he had a scowl on his face. ‘He had no intention of returning and never identified himself as British, he said Kuwaiti or Yemeni. His jihadi name was Abu Muharib al Yemeni. He had no link to Britain unless you asked him are you British and he would say, "Kind of. I lived there for a long time".'



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