Saturday, October 4, 2014

Liberian Ebola Victim Came To America On Tourist Visa To Marry His Girlfriend

 Contrary to first report that the Liberian man who brought Ebola to America only went on a visit in Liberia, new reports emerges  that the man came to the U.S. to marry his fiance.
 Thomas Eric Duncan was to wed his woman Louise Troh in a ceremony which would have given him a permanent stay in the States, the pastor at Wilshire Baptist Church, revealed it to MailOnline

Duncan, who was exposed to Ebola days before he was due to travel to the U.S. when he helped a sick woman who later died, lied on a form to get out of Liberia. He denied coming in contact with an Ebola victim when he filled out a form asking if he had been exposed to the Ebola virus before he boarded the plane in Liberia. He will be facing prosecution in Liberia.
Duncan arrived in the U.S. on September 20 and is believed to have come on a tourist visa in what was his first trip to America.
More than 100 people including five schoolchildren that came in contact with him are now placed under surveillance and quarantined.
The church Duncan and his fiance were suppose to get married in have been sent a letter, telling them the of the recent development.
Duncan, 42, and his woman Troh, 54, have been dating for long and have a child together.


Oge chukwura said...

This man is wicked he know he had Ebola and still travel to infect other pple same thing his stupid brother do to Nigerian

Eddy Duke said...

Seriously this man need to be dealt with if he survives this and I pray he does. How can you risk the life of others when you know you are infected?. This is exactly what Patrick Sawyer did before he came to Nigeria.