Saturday, October 4, 2014

Graphic Photos:Brazilian Woman Miraculously Survived After Being Stabbed On Her Forehead With A Huge Kitchen Knife

People are so mean and heartless....A Brazilian woman has miraculously survived after being stabbed through the forehead with a huge kitchen knife by her ex-boyfriend. Police officers found The 22-year-old Alcileide Rodrigues dos Santos was found by police with the a huge kitchen knife deep down her forehead as she sat waiting for help in San Pedro Town, Sao Paolo state.
She was quickly rushed to at a nearby Police Station to administer first aid before been transferred by ambulance to the Hospital Estadual Mário Covas.
Despite the nature of the injury, Alcileide was able to narrate to the police what happened, she named her 19-year-old former boyfriend Roberto Martins dos Anjos as the alleged culprit.Doctors said the reasons for her survival was because the knife did not penetrate into her brain. More photo & video below...Warning you might find the  below might disturbing, viewer's discretion adviced:



Oge chukwura said...

OMG may God save her and heal her

Anonymous said...

People are so devilish, how can someone do this to a woman he once loved.

Nkechi Oluka