Sunday, October 5, 2014

Photo: Moment Ebola Victim Arrived In America, Smiling As He Transports The Virus To US

Not everything that has clothes on are healthy...God help his people...Photo has emerge of Thomas Duncan at the arrivals lounge of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport with a relative who came to welcome him as he step his foot on America soil unknown to them he was also importing Ebola virus which have put lives of more than hundred people in danger.

 He was pictured calling with a cellphone probably calling his relatives at home to announce his arrival while standing close to a woman with tinted hair(if only she knew). Looking healthy Mr Duncan shows no signs of the potentially fatal Ebola virus that struck him down just days after he arrived in the USA.

 Thomas Eric Duncan who is now critically ill, started showing symptoms four days after his arrival but was sent home with some prescribed medications only to get worst few days later and tested positive to the virus. Today the 42-year-old is fighting for his life at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas after doctors confirmed his medical condition had dramatically altered from serious to critical.

 One of Duncan's relative who welcomed him at the airport and also had contact with him has refused to undergo medical tests to see if she had become infected by the virus.
 Duncan was certified cleared at the airport in Liberia after he lied to the Liberian Airport Authority that he never had contact with an Ebola victim.

Mr Duncan had come to Dallas to marry the mother of his estranged son, Louise Troh so he could get a permanent stay in US. The 42-year-old, who is understood to have arrived in the USA on a tourist visa, met Ms Troh in Liberia many years ago, according to Wilshire Baptist church pastor George Mason.
 They met in Liberia many years ago, had a child who is now 19years but had not seen his father since he was 3years old.


Eddy Duke said...

Honestly not every person in clothes are healthy, imagine if that woman knew that he has Ebola she won't even come close. I hope he survives it because he was only trying to help a victim that need help.

Anonymous said...

Liberia people and their deadly weapon. Abeg they should stop giving them visas.Since they know how to lie. Nkechi Oluka

Oge chukwura said...

May God heal him