Monday, September 29, 2014

Man Who Disfigured Himself After Accidentally Blowing Off His Face With A Shotgun Finds Love

Richard before(left) and after(right) the incident

Richard Norris, 39 accidentally blew off half his face with a shotgun in 1997 and was left so disfigured that he hardly come out to associate with people. But after many years of intensive face transplants,which included teeth, jaw, nose and even a tongue from a donor, he is now able to find love with Melanie Solis, 43, from New Orleans.
Due to all the organs used to construct his face were all borrowed, he had to learn all over again how to use his mouth to kiss.

Richard with his new love

After many face transplant, his face was transformed to this

Norris was 22 when his face 'exploded'. Richard was 22 when he blew off his face. He had arrived home drunk and was arguing with his mother when he took a shotgun from his gun cabinet and told his mom he was going to shoot himself.He racked a shell into the chamber and the gun went off. There was human flesh, bone and teeth on all four walls of Norris' bedroom and all over his mother. The accident left Norris with no teeth, no nose and only part of his tongue.

He was still able to taste but could not smell. When he went out in public, usually at night, he hid behind a hat and mask. Norris had dozens of surgeries to repair his face, but eventually reached the limits of what conventional surgery could do for him, said Dr. Rodriguez. This is what I call total transformation.

The new Richard


Anonymous said...

How did the doctors transform this face?, I bow for these doctors~Jady

Oge chukwura said...

Thank God for his life