Saturday, September 27, 2014

Youngest Swimmer: Father Teaches His One Day Old Son How To Swim

While many parents would prefer their little feet clothed and lying next to their mother as soon as they are born, little Phoenix Elwell was just 31 hours and 46 minutes old when he went for his first swim with father Simon.

Phoenix is the youngest child ever to be enrolled as a Water Baby in a national programme aimed at making swimming not just safe, but fun for all the family. He was born by caesarean section at 10.44am, a healthy 8lb 5oz. At 10.50am he got his first cuddle from his 30-year-old father Simon Elwell, dressed in a hospital gown as he held him proudly for a milestone snapshot.

Next day, aged precisely 31 hours and 46 minutes, Simon swapped the gown for some trunks, then dunked his new-born son in the hydrotherapy pool at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, Devon.
There, he introduced him to the joys of baby aquatics – the first step in building on what turned out to be Phoenix’s remarkable confidence in the water.  More photos below....

I'm not worried about teaching a your children even babies how to swim at early age, but my worry for a new born baby the chemical used in swimming pools which  might be risky for them especially when that baby haven't receive any vaccination.

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Anonymous said...

Na wa for this oyibo people, the child is too young to swim. They are trying to get famous. Mtchewww.

Nkechi Oluka