Thursday, October 9, 2014

Busted!: Actress Elise Neal Spotted Wearing A Fake Designer Gown On National TV

Lol, this lady fall my hand...If you must wear a fake thing with your high profile not on a national TV because a lot of people will spot you out even before you get off the set. Actress Elise Neal came up on a national TV wearing same Balmain dress that was spotted on Kim kardashian months back in Paris. Everyone knows Balmain dress cost lots of money to buy. Little did she know that people were fast enough to dictate that she was wearing a fake Balmain dress.

An American blogger expressed her disappointment. This is what she wrote:

I can’t believe my eyes this morning as I sat and watched The Real daytime talk show hosts interview actress Elise Neal. She was there along with the other ladies to promote their new reality show Hollywood Divas that airs tonight. I was in shock because Elise Neal was sitting on “national tv” with a VERY questionable and poorly made dress that resembled a very famous designer!

 I had to zoom in and replay my dvr over and over again and look really close at Elise’s dress but yes, just like I figured, Elise had the audacity to wear on national tv a knockoff dress that was very similar to European designer Balmain! I know that lots of people wear clothes that are inspired by fashion houses all the time like Versace and others but for a women of Elise’s caliber and who is admired by many, I am a bit confused. Elise has been on my television screen and in movies for years and years and I’m just not understanding why she couldn’t call a stylist to pull the real designer dress or buy her own to wear. I’m not trying to call her out but I am just trying to understand the logic behind her wearing a knockoff on tv? That is NOT a good look and this is why designer clothing is so expensive right now because of all the people bootlegging their designs!


 I am not rich by no means and I couldn’t afford the designer dress either but it clearly shows that Elise must not be able to put two coins together either to make a purchase lol. If you look close you can see that the dress is VERY poorly made and the neck has been altered, the beadwork looks VERY cheap and the center emblem is not the best and it puckers when she moves(if you watch the video). I am so embarrassed for her and I hope if she sees this post, that she realizes that fashion designers work very hard and if you can’t “borrow” the real deal especially with your status, maybe you should keep it cute and simple. I say this with love but please do not wear knockoff items on national tv for the world to see! Jesus be a fashion stylist on speed dial for her! Smh!


Eddy Duke said...

Lol, she thought nobody will find out. maybe na China Balmain she wear

Anonymous said...

Loool, the dress really looks fake but cloth na cloth as long as it serves its purpose~Jady

Anonymous said...

Lmao, people like me don't know bewtween real and fake designers.

Nkechi Oluka

Assumpta said...

GOSH!!!!!! IS Always good to be yourself....and do your own stuff