Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Detective Or Lover?:.. Kris Jenner's New Lover Spill Some Dirty Secret About Kim, Kanye, Kris & Kylie

Abeg this boy abi man called Corey Gamble is one day, one trouble drama king.... I thougnt it's only women that lie about their age and spill informations??... Too many drama going on right now with this Kris Jenner new lover. First he got busted about his real age after a reader who knew him found out that he lied that he ws 40 instead of 32.. Then he exclusivly spilled some juicy secert of Kim, Kanye, Kris and Kylie...Forget all those camera smiles, what you about to read will make you believe when some tabloid says there is trouble in paradise.... Read below...

From Sandra Rose:

The reader said she, Corey and her brother were Math and Science Magnet students at Westlake High School in Atlanta. She said he was not in his 40s. “I’d say that he is somewhere between 32-34, max,” she wrote.

 “Yeah, I’m actually 32 years old,” said Gamble when I brought the email to his attention. “I didn’t mean to lie to you. [Kris] doesn’t want the public to know she’s dating someone so young,” he said. Gamble added that Jenner is a faithful reader of Sandrarose.com).

 “Kris actually reads your blog,” he said, “all of the Kardashians read all blogs that have something to do with them.”

 Gamble, who is singer Justin Bieber‘s co-manager, wants the public to know that he is not an opportunist.
 “I really do have feelings for Kris,” he said. “I like her. She’s a great woman. I don’t know what her intentions are…”

He continued: “I don’t think it’s for publicity. Other people do… but.. the way I see her [throw down] in the bedroom. It doesn’t seem like it’s for publicity [laughs].

Gamble also dismissed speculation that he is gay.
  “People think I’m gay because I wear tight pants. I’m not gay,” he said. “My sister is gay. She calls herself a dyke. I have nothing against gay people. I love gay people. It’s sad that people should associate [gay] with something that’s bad. If I was gay I would say it and I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I love women and it is what it is.

Gamble shared more of his life with Kris (some of which was off the record, such as the drug use). He also dished on Kris’ daughter, Kylie Jenner (who lives with rapper Tyga), and the fact that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian don’t live together.

 Sandra Rose: Is Kris okay with the blog coverage so far?

 Corey Gamble: “At first she wasn’t. Basically what I told her was that um, if you feel this way about me, why not let the world know? What are we hiding for? If you’re not just using me to be on your next episode, or on Daily Mail, just let the world know.” And you’re sure that this is real? “I do.
And she’s a great girl. I’m very gentleman-like but she pays for everything. I’m not an opportunist. I have my own money and I am more than willing to pay for anything for Kris. But she’s been an absolutely, offering to pay for everything and she does.”

So now all your friends know. What are they saying?
 “Well my mom just found out. [laughs]. My mom’s not happy about it at all.”

 Is she at least happy for you — that you’re happy?
 “No. She thinks Kris is an opportunist, and I told her well, let me stand corrected. I think Kris is a great woman. I know she has a bad reputation in the media, but she’s been loving to me. I’ve spent the night over there with Kris… and Kim um, Kanye is never there…”

Wait a minute.. you said Kanye is never there with Kim?
 “No. He um, he uh, has another house in the Los Angeles area. I think he’s recording. He’s not really there. I don’t know what kind of relationship they have going on, but he’s not ever there… Yeah, it’s um… I shouldn’t probably be talking about it, but it’s none of my business.”

So they only get together to make public appearances?
 “Yeah, I’d say that [laughs]. He’s never at the house.” [Corey said the rest is off the record].

 Kim is still living with Kris? “Yeah, Kim lives with Kris. 
They are supposed to be buying a house down the street. Um, it’s not my business [laughs]. Yeah, they’re supposed to be buying a house, um, they’re supposed to be closing on it [more laughs]. I really don’t think Kim wants to leave Kris.”

Is Kylie there? 
“Kylie, the little one, she’s never there. Kylie doesn’t live at home any more — though they want you to believe that. Kylie actually lives with a well-known rapper. I can’t say who, but she lives with a well-known rapper. It’s usually just the three of us [Kris, Corey and Kim]. You know, we have a pretty good time, and um, Kris cooks. It’s fun.”

 Didn’t Kris say Kylie wasn’t dating Tyga?
“Yeah, I think, um, one of the Braxtons girls out and about, she lives around the corner from Kris and Tyga. They live in the same neighborhood. And um, even she said that Kylie stayed [with Tyga]. None of my business though! I actually was pretty upset when I knew about it, because I asked Kris where her priorities were at. I wanted to know where Bruce’s priorities were at. And I think he’s just so happy to be gone from Kris that he doesn’t even.. he’s got no control, you know?”

More secerts coming in part 2...Hehehe


Anonymous said...

This man talks too much. Kris should throw him out of her life.

Nkechi Oluka

Anonymous said...

How much did they pay this man to say all this?. na wa o~jady

Eddy Duke said...

It is obvious he is under drugs too.

Oge chukwura said...

That's their business

Kellie Murray said...

Not sure who the person is who gave the interview but it wasn't Corey....Corey's mom is dead so there is no way she could be unhappy about the relationship. smfh...I hope he wasn't paid a lot of money for the interview LOL.