Tuesday, October 21, 2014

"Oloketuyi And Amaechi Are Losers..How Can They Carry Celebrities With Luxurious Buses" -Elvis Chuks Fires Back

Still the BON Awards saga... Nollywood actor, director and producer, Elvis Chuks, has responded to BON Awards organizer Seun Oloketuyi accusations of masterminding information to Linda Ikeji's false  publications about the BON Awards. Speaking exclusively with the NET, Elvis maintained that he heard the governor make ridicule of Nollywood actress Joke Silva and Kate Henshaw. He gave details of how everything went, including buying economic tickets for celebrities to fly down to Port-Harcourt. Read below...

 ‘They bought economy tickets for all the celebrities expecting us to sit with people who are our fans in economy class, how else can you belittle actors. Desmond Elliot, Sola Sobowale and others all flew economy class, only I and Iyabo Ojo bought our first class tickets.
We got to Port Harcourt, and they brought a luxury bus to carry celebrities, I left them and hired a private car that took me to the hotel. When we got to the hotel they wanted us to stay in, the hotel was nothing to write home about. I moved out of that hotel and checked into a better hotel. It got to the time they wanted to leave for the venue and they started calling me, so I came from the hotel where I was and joined them at the same hotel where they lodged actors and they brought yet again a luxury bus to carry us.’

When asked if he was the only celebrity who complained while all this was going on, he said, ‘other people were complaining, but you know how people are, they don’t want to say it the way it is.’

Chuks, who has produced a number of movies in the industry himself, added: ‘When we got to the Government House, they asked us to alight at the gate and walk to the venue, everybody there walked to the venue, when we got to the hall, not a drop of water was on the table for everyone including Mama G, Liz Benson, Kenneth Okonkwo, Bob Manuel and others.

The stage was another problem, it was so bad that people fell from it several times, it was designed with plywood, Desmond Elliot almost fell on the stage.

As if that was not enough, the governor then stood up and his first statement was: ‘Nollywood is a product of Necessity.’ Dickson Iroegbu, who works with the presidency sat beside me and he shouted ‘Jesus.’
We were all shocked and then he started explaining the statement and still said when Joke Silva and Kate Henshaw come to see him in Port Harcourt, they go with cartons of money. Those statements are uncalled for. And I stood up and walked out; because that is the height of insult anybody would want to take.

Both Seun Oloketuyi and his Amaechi are not good people, and all these wishy-washy award ceremonies have to stop; the likes of BON Awards and ZAFAA awards that dupe people should be stopped. They are bunch of liars, Oloketuyi and Amaechi are losers.
 I told Oloketuyi himself that 100 of his governor friends cannot feed me, I’ve done well for myself, I attended the award because of my nomination, I cannot be treated like a nobody, how can they carry celebrities with luxurious buses.
 I’m sure you heard what happened last year to people that went to the BON dinner in the same Port Harcourt, most of them were stranded at the airport.’...


Eddy Duke said...

So who are we to believe?

Anonymous said...

What is this one talking?, you won't shut your mouth before they shut it for you~Jady