Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Photos: Check Out The Flamboyant Lifestyle Of Inside The New Ekiti State Government House

While the masses are dying of starvation, unemployment, bad road,  look at what former Ekiti State Governor Fayemi and his household enjoyed, including rolling on this N30 million bed. Before he stepped down, he was accused of owing workers of their 2 months salaries and also refused to pay pensioners.
Special Assistant to the Ekiti State Governor on Information and Social Media, Lere Olayinka,  has exposed the flamboyant lifestyle of former governor of Ekiti State Fayemi lived before he was succeeded by the present governor Ayo Fayosa.
Speaking to the press on Monday, he said the former governor spent money worth over N100M to furnish his wife and other household's bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms. Lere Olayinka who posted photos of the new Ekiti house, expressed his disappointment. ...Read what he said and more photos below...

 “When we visited the Government House for the first time yesterday, I was like: how I wish I can sell off this place or turn it to commercial use.
“It is simply wicked for a governor to be more interested in this manner of ostentatious comfort at the expense of the people.
“The bed on which Fayemi slept before he left government alone costs over N30 million! “That of his wife costs over N20 million! “Between Fayemi and his wife, what was spent on their bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms will be in the region of N100 million.
“How can a responsible government use borrowed fund to provide this kind of luxury for the governor and his family alone in a state where a lot of people cannot afford to feed once in a day?
“People should ask the out-gone governor what was really wrong with the abandoned governor’s lodge used by his (Fayemi) predecessors?, the governor quizzed.
“Here is Fayemi, who could not pay workers salary, owing them two months’ salary before he left. A Fayemi, who out of sheer wickedness refused to pay pensioners N2.4bn pension and gratuities, N400m workers leave bonus, N700m subventions to parastatals and tertiary institutions and remit N2.4bn four months cooperative society’s deductions from workers salary, preferring to use over N3bn borrowed fund to provide luxury for himself, his wife and children alone.  


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine!!, N30M just for a bed. It is only God that will judge these people.

Nkechi Oluka

Eddy Duke said...

That is not fair to use money for the masses on your family. Good thing he didn't win.

Anonymous said...

All these politicians are theives. Every comes in with their own agenda~Jady

Oge chukwura said...

30millons just for a bed