Thursday, November 27, 2014

Why Women With Dark Skin Would Do Anything To Have Whiter Skin

It's no news that most dark skin color women both rich, middle and low class are all desperate to change their color to white despite its disadvantages in later years to come. Former model Irene Major from Cameroon and wife of Canadian oil tycoon Sam Malin, is a wealthy woman that had purchase all kinds of super-expensive cream just to change her skin color. She says, that lightening her skin color makes her looks prettier...


‘When my skin is lighter, I just feel prettier,’ she admits with startling candour. ‘It’s a taboo subject, and people get judgmental about it, but that’s how I feel.’
‘A skin-lightening regime has been part of my life practically since birth,’ she claims. ‘There are many different types of African skin — from dark charcoal to a lighter version — and you grow up knowing that the lighter ladies are the prettier ones. It’s just a fact.’
A flash photo of Irene shows her drastic change in color from 2000 to her recent photo. She was known with a real dark skin color but today, Irene is classified under light skin women.

Her younger sister, Elsa, 27, agrees, explaining how disturbing hierarchies of skin color are still influencing African girls.
‘Being lighter shows you belong to a different place on the social ladder. All the rich, successful black African men marry either a white or a very light-skinned girl because they too grew up thinking that the lighter is the most pretty. It doesn’t matter how dark a man is, of course — the pressure is all on women.’

Meanwhile High Street health store Holland & Barrett came under fire for selling a legal skin-whitening product called Dr Organic Royal Jelly Skin Body Whitening Cream, which has been purchased by thousands of black women who wants to change their dark skin color to white.

 Source: DailyMailUK


Anonymous said...

Why will someone choose to be like this? She was beautiful in her black color

Eddy Duke said...

Gradually she will still change her nose.

Oge chukwura said...

She is more prettier in her black skin