Sunday, January 4, 2015

"I cant date a man who is broke" -Actress Nancy Isime

 Her name might not ring a bell to you yet but let me make the introduction, Nancy Isime is an actress, model and also TV presenter. She hails from Edo State..She featured in a TV drama 'Echoes', Daddy's girl, Yes I Don't, Cruel Intentions, Quick Sand, lots of skits and many more . She also a present  on TV called 'The Squeeze' which is a gossip show and also 'What’s Hot' which is a technology show. In her recent interview on The Nation, Nancy talked about her journey into acting and modeling. Then talking about relationship, she said men who are broke and jobless should have no business in building relationships....

Let me put it this way, I would date an ambitious guy and ambitious guys are never really broke, they are never jobless. They are guys who are so industrious, guys who would go out there to do everything they can to make money for themselves. I say this because I want the best for anybody that I am in a relationship with, be it a friend, my family member or a boyfriend.

 In the case of a boyfriend, I believe any man who is broke and jobless really has no business being in a relationship. I say this because it actually takes away from your focus as a man. As a struggling man, you should sit down and focus on your goals, unless you want to be poor forever. If you know you want to be rich, there is a stage you have to pass through. If you can pass through the stage of working hard, putting yourself out there to make sure you are comfortable, at least you can now go out there and find a relationship. 
 You don’t even have to go out there and look for a relationship. They will come to you. That way, you can now start to make your choice. But if you are a man who is pursuing girls up and down in the name of ‘I am broke, please love me,’ I don’t think it is necessary, I don’t think it is worth it. Coming back to me, I cannot date a man who is broke. I can only date a man who is ambitious, who is focused and who is hardworking. You can’t be hardworking and jobless. Those two do not come together. I work too hard to want to sit down with a jobless man. I only can date a man who can inspire me to be better. So we both can work hard to get to where we want in life. But when you are jobless and you are calling my phone 24/7, then I have a problem with that.


Oge chukwura said...

I support her no one want to date a poor guy

Anonymous said...

Broke men should first think of making money not women. True talk~Jady

Anonymous said...

So broke men cannot have girlfriend because they are broke and jobless?. This is how you women fall into wrong relationships, keep looking for rich men.