Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Police Found Drugs In Bobbi Kristina’s Home- Bobbi & Nick Were Never Legally Married

While friends and families sit in await for a miracle to happen on Whitney Houston’s only child Bobbi Kristina, police were able to find some hard drugs after a second search warrant in her home. Bobbi was found unresponsive and face down in a tub full of water on Saturday.She was taken to North Fulton Hospital, where she is on life support and brain dead.
 From Sandrarose.com
 It was reportedly that Bobbi attempted suicide after fighting with her boyfriend, Nick Gordon, on Saturday. Gordon and a friend, Maxwell Lomas, 24, discovered Bobbi unconscious and under water upon returning to the house from running errands.

There are reports that Gordon and Lomas (pictured below) may have “cleaned up” the home before calling 911. According to reports, the men delayed calling 911 by at least 20 minutes.

Radar Online reports that Lomas, who has a colorful criminal history, was arrested on drug and weapons charges recently in Atlanta. According to arrest records obtained by Radar Online, Lomas was arrested in January and charged with three felonies, including possession with intent to distribute marijuana and weapons possession by a convicted felon. Gordon and Lomas were also involved in a fight with friends of Bobbi Kristina in 2011.

According to The National ENQUIRER, Bobbi, then 18, was sitting in a car with three men at 4 a.m. when Gordon and Lomas approached.
Lomas repeatedly punched one of the men sitting in the front passenger seat, while Gordon waved a handgun in the air.It was this sort of criminal element that Whitney hoped to shield Bobbi from when she agreed to allow her daughter’s boyfriend, Nick, to move into her home after the troubled teen was booted out of his home.
 “Whitney was fearful of Bobbi sneaking out of the house at night to be with the boy,” a family friend told Sandrarose.com.
 The friend confirmed that Whitney — who was high or drunk half of the time — knew that the teens were having sex in her home. The family is reportedly “afraid” of Gordon and the criminal element that was constantly around him.
Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston, objected to her granddaughter’s boyfriend living in the house with her. But Whitney did not want to lose her only child to the streets.

A thorough search of court records by a local attorney show that Gordon and Bobbi were never legally married. Which explains why Bobbi’s aunt Pat Houston took out a restraining order keeping Gordon 200 yards away from Bobbi and the family at North Fulton Hospital in north Atlanta.


Eddy Duke said...

I feel so bad for Bobbi. She was not guided or led in a right direction. Despite all the fame & money she grew up with, she lacked the basic thing in life

Anonymous said...

I suspect foul play in this whole tragedy~Jady