Friday, February 13, 2015

Real Valentine Isn't Romantic Afterall....Let's Talk About Val!

Yeepi!, it's valentine tomorrow and it fell so much on a perfect day which is Saturday. I know a lot of people will claim that there is nothing special about Valentine but for me there it is a special day. Why?.. Let me educate you a bit. Valentine is a day set aside to share love and togetherness with people you care so much for. Your love ones does not actually mean your boyfriend, girlfriend,spouse or children, Val can be celebrated with the motherless children, orphans, homeless or even someone facing persecution(St Valentine faced persecution & was killed for doing the right thing). I know some of you don't even know the story behind Valentine celebration.  The funniest thing about valentine is that the origin of this celebration for the expression of love really isn't romantic at all. 

The real story behind Valentine....
St Valentine was a Roman Priest during the time Claudias who was the emperor had prohibited the marriage of young people. His reasons were that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers because married soldiers might be afraid of what might happen to them or their wives or families if they died.

Valentine felt marriage was very sacred between one man and one woman for their life and that it was to be encouraged. He secretly got couples wedded in the church. Valentine was eventually caught, imprisoned and tortured for performing marriage ceremonies against command of Emperor Claudius the second.

 One of the men who was suppose to judge him had a blind daughter who Valentine prayed and cured her of the blindness. The man later became Christian as a result.
 In the year 269 AD, Valentine was sentenced to a three part execution of a beating, stoning, and finally decapitation all because of his stand for Christian marriage.
The story goes that the last words he wrote were in a note to Asterius' daughter. He inspired today's romantic missives by signing it, "from your Valentine."

So you see Valentine is not romantic afterall.It's all about doing what is right... So let's go out there and spend tomorrow with real intentions...


Eddy Duke said...

True talk!

Anonymous said...

It's still about love Kamify, he died for wedding two people who are in love~Jady