Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Man Who Spent $16,000 To Become A Woman Now Wants To Be A Man Again

I wonder why these people love to inflict pains by going under knives...I remember last year my husband telling me to have tummy tuck-in and boobs implant after babies. You should see the look I gave him, I told him men too do have butt implants and if he agrees to have one than I will go under knife too. Till today the idea of going under knives ceased.....I just can't stand  having surgery pains...
Matthew Attonley who was born as a man but through surgeries changed to a woman named Chelsey after transformation  said he is no longer comfortable being female.

Appearing on This Morning show' for a second time, Matthew  revealed that he can longer deal with the struggle of living as a transgender person after 10 years and now he wants to live as a man.
He said people see him just as a party piece after transformation and  battling with medication to keep his male hormones from interfering in his transformation as a woman is traumatizing.

Speaking of how is going to achieve his aim of transforming back to a man he said; “I’ve still got my male anatomy but I’ve had a gender altering treatment for the downstairs part. “It gets you ready for surgery and makes your testicles shrink to garden peas. “You can get a semi-erection. I’m hoping the doctors can get everything up and running.”

Changing back to a man, Mathew already cut his hair and hopes to save for breast reduction

 Mathew who is unemployed talked on how he was going to fund his bills he said;
 “I probably going to have to not eat again. I’m saving up my own money to get it done privately.”

 I admire his decision to transform himself to who he use to be but then it's also a kind of lesson to others who are not contempt-ed with who they are because they want to bend within the society madness.

Before transformation

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