Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Star of ’7th Heaven’ Stephen Collins Fired After Audio Tape Of Him Confessing To Molesting Underage Girls Was Leaked

I am a big fan of this TV program and hearing this breaks my heart....Stephen Collins, who played the pastor and father role family man the Rev. Eric Camden on TV's 7th Heaven, has been fired from his on-going movie ‘Ted 2′ after TMZ released an audio tape of the actor confessing and confirming to his ex-wife that he molested an underage girl and exposed himself to two others.


According to Yahoo Celebrities, divorce documents obtained, Collins, 67, admitted to sexual misconduct with three young girls during a 2012 therapy session with his now ex-wife, Faye Grant. Collins said the incidents took place over several years more than a decade prior. At the advice of her attorney, Grant secretly recorded the session.
 Much of what was discussed in that meeting was also mentioned in the former couple's divorce documents, obtained by The Insider With Yahoo. In the documents, filed in February 2012, Grant says she only learned of her husband's "secret life" in January of that year, calling it "a long-term pattern of sexually molesting children."
The document continues, "Stephen admitted that he had sexually molested three underage girls over a decade ago; at least two of these three girls were molested over the course of several years."
 Grant also claims she'd been threatened by the husband of one of the victims for not turning Collins in to the police.
 In the audio clip, obtained by TMZ, Grant asks Collins for details about a "disclosure" he made to her about sexual impropriety with a young New York City girl, who was a relative of his first wife, Marjorie Weinman. The actor admitted to exposing himself to the child three times over a three-year period beginning when she was 11.
 "There was one moment of touching where her hand, I put her hand on my penis," he is heard saying in the clip, noting that the incident, "lasted a few seconds."

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With all the grown woman roaming the streets, he choose underaged girls.