Friday, October 10, 2014

"My First Boyfriend Was A Very Very Handsome Young Man" -Genevieve Nnaji(Video)

Genevieve Nnaji was the latest guest on "The Truth" with Olisa Adibua. As usual interesting questions and answers section. The actress and mother of one  who recently re-launched her clothing line St. Genevieve talked about her life as an actress, she also revealed her planns of going back to school to do some studies.
 Olisa asked about her love life by throwing a question about her first love/boyfriend, yah the first guy to hit it't know if that was her daughter's father). Genevieve Nnaji responded
 "Oh, he was emm...very very very handsome young man...a long time ago, very handsome trust me". 

Olisa later asked her about her relationship, and this is what the actress said.....Watch the interview below....


Eddy Duke said...

Love this woman and her class.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Gen, I wish my brother is not married he would have applied to marry you because he has all the feature of your dream man,tall and handsome~Jady