Thursday, October 2, 2014

Politician Arrested For Vandalizing Oil Pipeline To Raise Money For His Campaign

Tell me what good intention does someone who goes as far as destroying oil pipeline to raise money for his campaign??...Politicians!. Tomorrow they will say there is nothing to celebrate about Nigeria.

A politician was arrested by the Police Task Force on Anti-Pipeline Vandalism for vandalising pipeline in the Obafemi/ Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State.
According to reports, the 59-year-old politician named Wahab Junaid but popularly called Doctor by his friends was one of the unit’s most wanted pipeline destroyer, and has been arrested and arraigned three times, but was discharged and acquitted. When interogated, said he wanted to use the money to campaign for a political post in 2015, Punch reports....

 Juniad said a full tanker could be bought for N1.5m from vandals and sold for N3m. Junaid, who claimed to be veterinary doctor, said he was first arrested and arraigned in court in 2008.

  He said, during interrogation;
 “After I regained my freedom in 2012, I stopped anything that has to do with pipeline vandalism. “I am an active member of a political party in this state (Lagos). So, when the slot for the House of Representatives was zoned to my area, my people nominated me to represent them. Since I know that I had a good chance of winning the election, I accepted. I was told to go and look for money to sponsor my campaigns.
  “In the course of looking for funds, a friend of mine, Oloje, who is also a vandal, informed me that the area was calm, and that I could come and lift some fuel and get money for my political ambition. “I was waiting with my tankers to lift the product when policemen arrested me.
 My enemies, who are bitter that I was anointed for the political position, betrayed me. Please forgive me and give me another chance. I am sorry and I promise that as soon as I am elected, I will assist the police in the war against pipeline vandalism.” 
 “I was discharged and acquitted in 2010. I was also arrested at Epe in 2010 and after several months, I regained my freedom again.
 The third time was in 2012, when policemen from FESTAC division arrested and arraigned me in court. I was able to secure my freedom yet again.”

 The task force boss, Ibadin, explained that after his latest acquittal, the unit got a tip-off that Junaid had returned to bursting pipelines and had successfully moved several truck of petrol from pipelines in Lagos and Ogun states. Ibadin said,

 “On September 15, 2014, detectives acted on an intelligence report that Junaid was back and currently operating with his boys at Ogere. Detectives, led by Ogere Sector Commander, ASP Shakwallo Philemon, stormed the area, arrested him and also recovered three big valves already mounted on NNPC right of way. This is the fourth time Junaid will be arrested by the police.
 “We are still on the trail of his accomplices who managed to escape. We will again take him to court and we hope that he will get what he deserves this time around.”

 In another development, the task force also busted an illegal local refinery at Osara, near Lokoja in Kogi state. The owners were said to have fled as soon as they sighted the policemen. Ibadin said the taskforce was still combing the village for those who constructed the refinery.


Anonymous said...

Oil thief thief, people will still come out and vote for this one. My people shine your eyes with these politicians, all they want is just to steal money.

Nkechi Oluka

Oge chukwura said...

Lock him up and throw the key into a lagoon

Anonymous said...

See his belly that he has use in chopping stolen oil. This is what most of these politicians do to raise money for their stupid campaign~Jady