Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Video: Radio Host Spill More Dirty Details About Amber And Wiz Khalifa’s Divorce

Radio host ,Peter Rosenberg, has spilled more details about what really happened between Amber and Wiz Khalifa before their divorce. During his normal Tuesday talk on Hot 97 radio, Peter Rosenberg who is also a close family friend to Amber Rose said all the rumors that Amber cheated on Wiz were all lies despite their marriage was having troubles, she tried to make it work.  Amber made up her mind to let go after she walked into a home to find Wiz having sex with not just one chic but twin sisters.
He maintained that Amber was a faithful wife and the only man seen hanging around her was him because she is a close friend to his wife. Watch the clip below...

The twins Amber saw her husband with the night she filed for a divorce


Eddy Duke said...

That was too bad of Wiz to do that, if you are tired of your wife you don't have to cheat on her in a home she visits. That is so disrespectful man.

Oge chukwura said...

Sharp guy two sisters at same time